The Open Movie Editor is equipped to work with a diverse range of different Video and Audio Formats, because it relies on mature and proven Open Source Multimedia Frameworks.

The Most important Framework for Open Movie Editor is the Libquicktime Video IO Library. Libquicktime, while implementing support for the MOV Video Container is not related to the commercial Company Apple in any ways, instead it is a community project that originated from the quicktime4linux Project that was done by the same entity as the popular and big Linux Video Editor Cinelerra. It was however splitted of from that Project and is now maintained by an independent team of volunteer Open Source Developers, and it relies on other multimedia foundations as for example ffmpeg.

FFmpeg is a project of immense value to not only the Open Movie Editor, but also to a large list of other projects. The Open Movie Editor implements direct support for FFmpeg and it can therefore read any Video File Format that is supported by FFmpeg.

Visit the FFmpeg Homepage