The Open Movie Editor is only available for Linux and compatible Free and Open Source Operating Systems. It is provided only in the form of Source Code, as is the case for most Linux and FLOSS Software. The download is free, and there is no registration or money or anything involved. Be aware though that usage terms for this software are as explained by the GPL, the GNU General Public License v2 and later. The terms are very liberal, and promote the freedom to use this program in almost all ways possible.

Source-Code for Linux: openmovieeditor-0.0.20090105.tar.gz [1.3MB]

Release Notes and Changelog for 0.0.20090105

GPL, the GNU General Public
License v2 and later

Packages for different Linux Distributions are available from both, 3rd party packagers, as well as from the official repositories of some distributions. Some distributions do not have up to date packages, so if you want to have the latest version, you might need to compile it yourself.

Ubuntu is a popular Version of the Linux Operating System, it is easy to install and use, it is the recommended Linux Version to run the Open Movie Editor.

Search the Ubuntu Package Database for Open Movie Editor Versions

Debian is the biggest Community based Linux Distribution, and while it can be a little difficult to get up and running with Debian, it is very flexible and powerful, and used by a large number of advanced Linux Users.

Search the Debian Package Database for Open Movie Editor Versions

OpenSUSE is a popular Linux Desktop Distribution, if you do not like Ubuntu, you might want to give it a try, it is just as easy to use.

Open Movie Editor Packages for OpenSUSE are available through the Packman Repositories.

When you activate the Packman repositories in the Package Tool of OpenSUSE, you can easily install Open Movie Editor. The Open Movie Editor Version in Packman is always quite up to date.

FreeBSD is another free operating system, that is compatible with Linux in some respects. Open Movie Editor works on FreeBSD too, and you can get it from FreshPorts.

The Open Movie Editor is currently NOT available for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, because it requires both Time, Effort and Skills, to modify the Open Movie Editor for Windows. If you are a capable Programmer and familiar with Windows and Open Source Software, and you want to help bring the Open Movie Editor to Windows, be sure to get in contact, help is very much appreciated.

The Open Movie Editor is currently NOT available for MacOSX. I am confident that it is possible to bring Open Movie Editor to the Apple Platform, but I need some help, because someone has to do it, and I do not have access to any recent Apple Machines and Software.