Filter Effects

The Open Movie Editor has built in support for the Frei0r Video Effect Plugin Standard, and can therefore use a number of interesting, funny as well as convenient Video Filters.

While Frei0r is a Video Plugin Standard that can be easily used to create new and custom Filters with a little bit of C or C++ programming, there is already a comprehensive selection of ready made plugins available from the Frei0r Homepage. To stay up to date about the latest releases of the Frei0r Plugin Collection it is recommended to subscribe or watch the Frei0r Page at Freshmeat.

Fun Fact: Some Frei0r Filter keep using the '0' character in their Name.

The following examples are images that were created by applying a Frei0r Filter to a photo.

Original Input:

Black and White Filter (bw0r):

Cartoon Filter:

Distort0r Filter:

Equaliz0r Filter:

Gamma Filter:

Invert0r Filter:

Letterb0xed Filter:

Pixeliz0r Filter:

Sobel Edge Detect Filter:

Twolay0r Filter: