The Open Movie Editor is a volunteer project, and there are always plenty of tasks available, and everyone capable and willing to contribute is invited and encouraged to do so.

There are no strict development rules to follow, do and suggest whatever keeps you happy. The Open Movie Editor has some sort of philosophy attached though, that is probably best described by the following quotes. Read them carefully.

In software, it means you should give users a few basic elements that they can combine as they wish, like Lego.

Paul Graham, Taste for Makers

A lot of technology is just what I call inverse vandalism, which is people making machinery just because they can.

Alan Kay, A bicycle for the mind

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.

E. W. Dijkstra

Source Code Access

The Open Movie Editor Sourcecode is managed with the Darcs Version Control Software, use the following command to download the latest revision:

darcs get

Alternatively you can also Browse the Open Movie Editor Source Code through the Web.

Source Code File Releases are downloadable from the Open Movie Editor Sourceforge Project Page.

Developer Mailinglists

There are two Mailinglists that might be interesting for contributors, there is one Mailinglist for developers, who are interested in helping with programing, designing and ideas.

And there is a second one for package builders and downstream distribution maintainers, who are interested in discussing dependencies and how to best package Open Movie Editor. This is the Packagers Mailinglist

By the way, end user support for installation and usage, is available via the Support Section.

Library Dependencies

The following Software Libraries need to be installed, as Open Movie Editor depends on them.

The following Dependencies were copied into the Open Movie Editor Source Tree, they do not need an additional installation.

Interesting Ideas and Tasks to work on

The following Ideas are important and interesting tasks, that will not only benefit the Open Movie Editor project when tackled, but any solution will also be potentially very valuable to other Free and Open Source Multimedia/Video Editing Projects, like Cinelerra, Kdenlive etc.

If you like to work in the Field of Video Effects and Filters, you could extend the Open Movie Editor by programming more Frei0r Plugins, which is very easy if you have a little C or C++ Experience. You could also look at some of the existing Plugins, or ask for help in the Web Forums, if you are just getting started.

If you are familiar with the development of Video Codecs, you could help to improve the Open Source/Free Software codecs for common Video Files. While there is Software available to decode most commonly used Codecs, this Software is often designed for "Stream Processing", and often it does not provide "Frame accurate" seeking, which is very important for convenient Non-Linear Video Editing. Libmpeg3 for Example is a very advanced and nice decoding Library, but it has some deficiencies, because its API does not provide information about Interlacing or Aspect Ratio Flags of a given MPEG File. Additionally it should be modularized and stripped of unnecessary color space conversion and scaling routines. Additionally there are also no functions to determine the chrome-placement for a given file, which is necessary for accurate color space conversion.

If you are interested in Image Processing and OpenGL, you could help to develop code and methods to accelerate Video Compositing with 3D Hardware. Look at tools like Apples Quartz Composer, for inspiration on what could be done. Ideally would be a simple Image Processing and Display Library, that would also provide a software renderer for reference purposes. If you are interested to contribute, be sure to get in touch. For starting of, I suggest to read this Article about GL colorspace conversions.

If you are interested in Distribution and Packaging, please get in touch, we are trying to create a Build Farm to provide Users on different Distributions with the latest and greatest Versions of Open Movie Editor and related Linux Video Software, and we would need any help that we could get. This task involves several skills, from simple shell scripting to Linux adminstration and setup, to automatic generation of repositories and HTML reports

The Open Movie Editor uses 3D Hardware to accelerate its video preview of compositions, so stable, reliable and of course Free (as in Freedom) Video Drivers are very important. So if you support the Xorg Project to write better 3D Hardware Drivers, then you are supporting Linux Video Editing. Links:Xorg Drivers for ATI, Xorg Drivers for Nvidia

Alternatively you could get in Touch with the Open Graphics Project, and work on a truly Free as in Freedom Hardware Design.

If you are interested in Controller Hardware, real Knobs, Sliders and Jog-Wheels, you could work on creating a nice solution for a general tool to map device actions to OSC, and to control Linux Video Editing Software through this protocol.

Multiprocessing and Distributed Computing is all the Rage, you could work on software to help render Video Editing Projects on Multi-Processors and Computing Clusters. There are lots of different approaches, and Fields to work in, you could do low-level parallelizing of algorithms, or rendering processes, or you could work on a more organizational level, such as automatic discovery, automatic configuration and Monitoring of Render Nodes in a Compute Cluster for Example. Keep it simple and user-friendly, not every Amateur Movie Artist has a Degree in Linux System Administration. Look at the Farmerjoe Software for a nice approach of rendering Blender Projects.